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5 Situations that Require Emergency Towing Services

There are so many reasons for a motorist to need the help of a towing service. Whatever the cause, know that if you can’t attend to the road emergency yourself, there is heavy-duty towing in Naperville, IL, and in all parts of the country.

One of the situations could be avoided. Another may be something the driver could resolve personally. Then there are those that are legitimate concerns, for which professional assistance has to be brought into the picture. An automobile repair shop that offers towing and operates round-the-clock is what you need.

1. Accidents
Let’s start with unfortunate incidents that occur unexpectedly and result in damage or, worse, injury. Whatever kind of accident one figures in, it may be too traumatic a situation for the driver to handle personally. If that happens, there are two options to consider. You either call 911 in case of a medical emergency or you can get in touch with a towing service. Both cases of professional help usually show up quickly.

2. Engine Breakdown
No matter how well a vehicle is taken care of, there’s still that slim chance of it breaking down in the middle of nowhere. When your engine stops running, your first instinct should be to glide to the side of the road, turn on your hazard lights, and call the experts for assistance.

If blessed with a little experience on how to troubleshoot a stalled ride, one might have the urge to look for what the problem is. That’s okay, too. However, when you’ve reached the conclusion that what you’re blessed with isn’t good enough, phone a mechanic who also tows and wait inside your car until help arrives.

3. Dead Battery
One of the common problems a motorist might come across on the road is a battery that has conked out. The usual solution to this situation is to jumpstart your vehicle by connecting it with jumper cables to the charged battery of the owner’s vehicle. In the absence of a good Samaritan, your next best bet is a towing service. Most operate 24/7 and can be relied upon to show up and get your car going, even in the middle of the night. 

4. Stuck in Mud, Snow, or Ditch
When moving the car backward and forward isn’t doing the trick of getting yourself loose from where you are, or when you’re helplessly stuck in a ditch, you’ll definitely need to be winched out of your predicament and brought back on the road.

In this situation, it’s not just a case of pulling your vehicle from where it’s stuck but it has to be done with care unless the operation results in damage. You will definitely need the services of a towing company. Keep in mind that one can also avail of heavy-duty towing in Joliet, IL.

5. Out of Gas / Fuel Delivery
It was mentioned earlier that some misfortunes a car owner may face on the road are avoidable. This is one of them: running out of gas with no filling stations nearby. “I told you so” isn’t the right approach to correcting this, but it’s really best to check the fuel meter regularly. One of the services provided by a towing company is to deliver fuel where you are. Say what kind of fuel is needed, how much of it you want, and where you are.


Round-the-Clock Professionals Available

Normally, one can deal with a flat tire personally. This is not one of the emergencies most motorists will be vulnerable to facing. Nearly everybody is equipped to change flats. But what if you’re one of the rare ones who’s not able to? This is where somebody else can fill in the blank for you. An expert mechanic at a car repair shop can take care of your problem in a jiffy.

Keep in mind that there’s always a resolution for any emergency that you’ll face on the road. All you need to know is whom to call. For heavy-duty towing in Naperville, IL, and other roadside assistance, you can’t go wrong with Classic Towing. Visit them online at https://heavydutysemitowing.com/. They’re also available on their 24-hour hotline: 630-392-6844.