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7 Essential Things to Do after an Auto Accident

If you get into a car accident in Naperville, towing might just be the first thing that pops into your head. If you’re stranded in God who knows where, and your vehicle is in no condition to hit the road, who wouldn’t think of towing? After all, your car is a huge investment and you would want to get it to the nearest auto center to have anything that needs fixing fixed.

There are however a few things that you need to do aside from getting in touch with a towing company. If the road accident you were involved in resulted in injuring someone or an animal. or did damage to some property, you need to do the following things to avoid breaking the law.

  1. Stop and Stay at the Scene
    Regardless of how minor the accident may seem, do not drive away. Leaving the site where someone has sustained injuries or, worse, got killed, can cause you serious legal penalties for “hit-and-run.”
  2. Protect the Scene
    Prevent further accidents by alerting other motorists. Turn on the vehicle’s hazard lights; set up flares, flashers, cones or warning triangles especially if it is dark. Also, if the vehicle is interfering with traffic, move it to a safer area if possible.
  3. Check on People Involved
    Before checking any damage to property, make sure that everyone involved is safe and fine. Call for medical assistance as soon as possible. As for passengers who are unconscious or who are experiencing back or neck pains, do not attempt to move them (unless their safety is compromised) until proper medical help arrives. Irresponsible handling of such persons may lead to further injury, and lawsuits.
  4. Call the Police
    Even if it seems that there is no significant damage to property or people injured, it is best to call the police. Ask that a report be filed as you may need this for any insurance work even if it is just to make a claim for the damages on your vehicle. Also, acquire the name and badge numbers of the responding officers. The police can also call for towing in Naperville if you do not have any company in mind.
  5. Provide Accurate Information
    Once the police arrives, make sure to provide accurate information. Tell them exactly what happened, and if you are unsure of some facts, tell that to the officers. Do not, in any way, speculate or guess information. And you should also make sure that statements made by others involved are accurate.
  6. Exchange Information and Records Accurately
    It is important to get the names, contact numbers, addresses, license plate numbers, and basic insurance information of all drivers involved. If there are passengers, take their names, addresses and contact numbers too. This goes for any witness as well. Be as cordial and cooperative as possible but never admit “guilt” unnecessarily or unintentionally. You might be acknowledging legal liability even if you were not the person at fault.
    Take pictures of your vehicle as this will show the extent of damage it has acquired. While you’re at it, if there is another vehicle involved, take pictures of that too. Photos are very helpful in determining how much compensation you may be granted, and vice versa. Photos turn out very useful in court too.
  7. Seek Medical Attention
    Often, in auto accidents, injuries and pain usually become apparent hours after the incident. It is best to get medical attention at the soonest possible time. Even in minor accidents, people can acquire serious and permanent injuries to the spinal cord. And if you lost consciousness or became dazed for even a short period of time after the accident, this may mean concussion or closed head injury, which should not be taken lightly. You would also want to inform your insurance company and get a property damage valuation. If the accident involved injuries or damages to property, you might also need to hire an attorney. Aside from efficient towing in Naperville, IL, these are things that you need to do when involved in an auto accident. These will help prevent incurring further injuries or damages, your rights are protected, and you are not breaking any law. Playing safe never did anyone any harm.
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