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Essential Steps to Do after a Road Accident

We never know when a road accident will happen. There are countless of factors that can cause a mishap such as human error, mechanical malfunctions and even natural disasters, so it is important to be prepared for it.  In the unfortunate event that you get involved in a road accident, there is so much more you should do other than calling for a semi or heavy duty towing in Joliet, IL. Here are some of the essential steps you should do:

Stop as soon as Possible

However minor the accident may seem, you must stop. It is your responsibility to check the extent of the damage. In fact, if the accident has caused injuries to others, or worse has led to a fatality, then failing to stop or leaving the scene without clearance will subject you to serious criminal penalties for hit-and-run.

Get Off the Road

If possible, get off the road and take your car to a safer side. Put up warning signs, turn on your traffic signal light and position triangles or road safety cones a few meters from the area to give other motorists an early signal that there has been an accident or mishap.

Check on All Passengers and Drivers

Before assessing any damage to your vehicle, properties or roadside fixtures, check on the people (and pets) involved. Seek medical attention if anyone needs it. And if a person is unconscious or has a back or neck pain, do not attempt to move him until a qualified medical practitioner arrives, unless a more imminent hazard requires you to.

Call the Police

If a person has been injured, a person has died, the property has been damaged or if your vehicle is blocking the road, call the police (and ambulance if necessary). Accidents should be reported to the police because failure to do so could result in fine and penalty points. Additionally, they may also call for semi or heavy duty towing in Joliet, IL to help out with the situation. Also, for your own good, ask that a police report be filed, and obtain the name and badge numbers of the responding officers.

Exchange Information

All drivers involved are obliged to swap information such as names, telephone numbers, addresses, drivers’ license numbers, and even insurance company information. You should also obtain the names, contact numbers and addresses of the passengers. It is important to keep your cool, calm down and be cordial when talking to the people involved to avoid the situation from heightening. Until you know what really happened, never say sorry or take the blame because your statements can be used against you in the event that cases are filed.

Take Note of Details

Use your smartphone or other devices (dash cam) to take videos or pictures of the incident, including what properties are damaged and to what extent, collision points, skid marks, and road names. These can serve as evidence and can also be used by your insurance company for your claim. Also, keep track of your medical treatment and medications you received, and request for copies of medical bills and reports as these can be used to prove your medical expenses later.

Inform Your Insurance Company

Let your insurance company know that you have been involved in a road accident. Cooperate with them, and provide them with the facts of the events. Keep in mind that if your insurance company learns that you lied to them in any way, you can be denied of coverage for the accident.

Consider Consulting an Attorney

If anyone has been injured in the accident, it is best to talk with an attorney as he can help you maximize your recovery or protect your rights when you are at fault. Make sure to contact an experienced attorney.

These are some of the most essential things you need to do if you ever get involved in a vehicular accident. Try to stay calm because this will help you to think clearly and make better decisions.

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