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From Lockouts to Fuel Delivery: Lesser-Known Services Offered by Roadside Assistance

People often picture towing, jump-starting a dead battery, or replacing a flat tire when considering roadside assistance. However, lesser-known services come in handy for those of us who get stuck on the road. They don’t have to be a semi-truck towing service or one of the others I just mentioned.

Many roadside assistance services may not be the ones that we’re familiar with, but they can come in handy in times of emergency. Let’s examine those offered by roadside assistance companies that go beyond most of the basic services you and I know about.


Lockout Service

Who hasn’t locked themselves out of their vehicles? I’m guessing most of us have our hands up. Luckily, roadside assistance services provide help when a lockout happens and allow you to get back in your car. You won’t need to call a locksmith. Instead, garages have specialists who can unlock your automobile in a jiffy.

Fuel Delivery

It can be terrifying to run out of gas in an unfamiliar region. Delivering enough gasoline to get you to the closest gas station is something roadside assistance can do to save the day, or especially the night, for you. It ensures that you don’t have to walk to the nearest gas station for fuel.

Winching and Recovery

Finding oneself trapped in the mud, the snow, or a ditch can be frustrating and potentially dangerous. When your vehicle gets stuck, a roadside assistance crew can send a tow truck with the right equipment to winch it free and get you back on the road or to the garage, if the latter’s necessary.

Minor Mechanical Repairs

Roadside assistance also includes simple mechanical repairs on-site. It can be fixed by fixing the starter or replacing the battery (see next). Some conditions might require an actual heavy-duty towing in Aurora, IL, to the closest repair shop. These are services that can help you avoid being stranded in the middle of nowhere.

Battery Replacement

When the battery in your car reaches the end of its useful life, you won’t have to worry about finding and installing a new battery yourself. Many roadside assistance shops provide battery replacement services. This can be such a lifesaver, especially in severe weather, in the middle of the night, or in the middle of nowhere.

Tire Repair and Replacement

Roadside assistance offers the ability to change a flat tire. Some services go a step further and provide tire repair for minor punctures on the spot. Without the need for a spare tire or a trip to a repair shop, they can get you back on the road. They can also offer you a replacement tire if the tire cannot be fixed.

Concierge Service

Some roadside assistance packages offer auxiliary services in addition to mechanical and emergency help. They can arrange for a rental car, call a cab, book a hotel room, or make a restaurant reservation in the area. A concierge service is designed to reduce the stress of a motorist’s client.


Car Trouble? We’re on our Way!

Roadside assistance offers a wide range of uncommon services that can be immensely helpful in emergency situations. Beyond standard services like semi-truck tow service, changing a flat tire, and jump-starting a weak battery, you can also avail of extra perks, from lockout and fuel delivery services to concierge assistance. 

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