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Got a Heavy Load? Request for Load Shift or Transfers

Load Shift is a term that’s used in different activities. It may apply to the management of employees, consumption of electricity, and transport. This write-up is about hauling cargo by land and the danger of the load’s position moving, thereby creating an imbalance in the carrier. If such an incident happens, a towing service in Joliet, IL that also offers other roadside assistance may just be what you need.

There are many regulations in the transport business that have been established to ensure the safe transit of heavy loads and protect other vehicles on the road from an accident that can arise from unregulated service. Chief among them is the one that oversees the weight a truck can carry. The most common issue though isn’t related to any regulation but stems from improper loading that results in load shift while the cargo is in transit.



It’s so easy to blame load shift or load transfer on improper loading. This headache, however, can also be attributed to the manner of transport the freight underwent and this can be pinned on the driver. They are equal contributing factors and knowing them can prevent damages and add time in unloading the haul.

If your shipment is not fully secured with the usual fixtures used in the transport industry to keep them in place, expect it to be imbalanced after a while on the road. The constant movement will see to that. Extra room in the trailer with a high center of gravity should be something to avoid as well.

As for the actual journey of what’s being brought to the destination, it’s all up to the driver now. Going too fast which may require having to slam on the brakes is one way to possibly dislodge the freight from its secure position in the truck or lorry. A speedy turn on the curve or a sudden swerve are also things to guard against.



After having brought up what may lead to a load shift or load transfer, it’s probably obvious how to avoid them from happening. A surefire solution though is the roadside assistance company that offers tow trucks in Bolingbrook, IL among other things.

The proper way to load is to recognize the center of gravity of the cargo being carried. This work-related skill will make it hard to flip over or alter the position of the shipment.  With that in mind, secure it with the use of harnesses or pallets, or airbags so the goods remain in place and do not move while being transported.

As for the driver, he must be trained to be observant. He shouldn’t only be aware of the car in front but also of what’s in front of the vehicle he’s following. Slow down before making a turn and don’t go fast on uneven ground. Most importantly, never slam on the brakes if it can be avoided.

Added to them, make sure your cargo is on a clean surface. Sweep or wipe the floor of your truck before loading. This is a good practice as it prevents your shipment from having something to slide on, like sand, plastic, a wet surface, or anything that can prevent traction.


Fixing the Problem

When one already knows the causes of load shift and how to avoid it but it happens anyway, what do you do? That’s easy really. Call a tow service in Joliet, IL that offers other roadside assistance. Get in touch with us at Classic Towing. If the load of your truck has accidentally moved and uneven weight is pushing down on the vehicle and making it hard to drive safely, they’re the people to reach and they’re all over the state of Illinois.

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