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We Offer Roadside Assistance in Naperville, IL and the Entire Chicago Metropolitan Area

Have you ever needed roadside assistance in Naperville, IL or any of its surrounding areas? Well, look no further. Naperville Classic Towing provides various roadside service in Naperville and the entire Chicago Metropolitan Area. We provide vehicle lock-out service, gas delivery, diesel delivery, flat-tire changes, winch-outs, jump-starts (battery boosts), pull-starts, and load shifts. Take note that rates vary by service, vehicle type, location, and situation. Please call to speak with one of our courteous, helpful, and experienced dispatchers for a price quote.

Roadside Assistance Services We Offer

Lock-out Service – Did you get locked out of your car and you left the keys inside? Did you misplace your keys and you can’t find them? Is your car door broken and it won’t open? Call Naperville Classic Towing for our lock-out service. We will open your car door for you in no time with no damages.

Jump-start Service – Has your battery suddenly stopped working and your car won’t start? Call us and we’ll be in your location in 30 minutes or less to offer roadside assistance. We will give your car a battery boost and if that doesn’t work, we will tow your car to any location of your choosing. We jump-start regular vehicles as well as large commercial vehicles.

Tire Change Service – Do you have a flat tire with no extras and you’re nowhere near an auto shop? Or maybe you have a spare tire but you need help replacing your flat tire? Naperville Classic Towing offers tire change services. We also change tires on large commercial vehicles provided that you already have a spare tire mounted on a rim.

Fuel Delivery Service – Did you forget to fill up on gas and your car ran out in the middle of the highway? Or did you suddenly notice that your gas gauge is getting a little too close to E and you’re too far from gas stations? Naperville Classic Towing can deliver fuel for your car. Call us now and you’ll be back on the road in no time.

Winch-Outs – Did you get your car stuck in a ditch somewhere? Not to worry, we can get it out and safely back on the road in no time. Simply call us today and we will be with you within 30 minutes or less.


     1.What is roadside assistance?

This is a type of service intended to help vehicle owners whose vehicles have suffered a mechanical failure that leaves the driver stranded.

     2. What services are considered roadside assistance?

For Naperville Classic Towing, our roadside assistance services include jump-starts, lockouts, tire change, fuel delivery, and winch-outs.

     3. Is roadside assistance available 24/7?

Naperville Classic Towing offers roadside assistance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Simply contact us at 630-392-6844.

     4. Are all roadside assistance services insured?

All of our roadside assistance services are insured.


Naperville Classic Towing has the best roadside assistance services in Naperville, IL and all throughout the Chicago Metropolitan Area. Check out our Service Area page to see if our services and offers are available to your area. If you are wondering about our prices, please call us and we will give you a quote.