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Understanding the Differences Between Heavy-Duty and Light-Duty Towing

Have you ever wondered what the differences are between heavy-duty and light-duty towing? If you’re stuck in the middle of the highway or the middle of nowhere and you need light-duty or heavy-duty towing in Aurora, IL, do not hesitate to contact Classic Towing to ask for assistance and help. Quality and reliable towing services are offered here, so rest assured that your car is in the hands of professional experts.

Differences Between Heavy-Duty and Light-Duty Towing

If you happen to have issues regarding your car and you suddenly find your vehicle stopping and stuck in the middle of the road and you are not sure what type of towing services you should call and hire, here are some of the many differences between heavy-duty towing and light-duty towing services that you should know.

Light-Duty Towing

Light-duty towing is the process of towing vehicles that typically weigh between 8,500 – 10,000 lbs. They are capable of handling small-to-medium-sized towing jobs. They can do the jobs of towing private vehicles, accident recovery, traffic collisions, and towing abandoned vehicles. If you compare heavy-duty towing trucks to light-duty towing trucks, light-duty towing trucks use far less complex tools and equipment, and they are much easier to operate.

Advantages of Light-Duty Towing

  • They are much easier to operate than heavy-duty tow trucks.
  • They are more energy efficient.
  • They can move through tighter roads or more crowded spaces.
  • They are less expensive to hire.


Disadvantages of Light-Duty Towing

  • They are unable to tow larger vehicles.
  • They are not ideal for long-distance towing.
  • They can cause damage to larger vehicles if not used correctly.
  • They are slightly less durable than those of a heavy-duty tow truck.


Heavy-Duty Towing

Heavy-duty towing, or semi-tow service, is the process of towing larger vehicles such as trucks, buses, and the like. They are capable of towing vehicles weighing 10,001 to 26,000 lbs. They are also designed to handle big towing jobs and lift even bigger loads. Furthermore, heavy-duty towing uses the largest tow trucks you can find on the market. They are also fully capable of supporting the entire load of a larger vehicle.

Advantages of Heavy-Duty Towing

  • They are versatile due to high GVWR.
  • They can haul more weight at once.
  • They have extreme durability to support large loads.


Disadvantages of Heavy-Duty Towing

  • They produce higher emissions.
  • They are more expensive to hire and operate.
  • They are slower at moving.
  • They can’t move and pass through residential neighborhoods and crowded areas.



These are only some of the differences between heavy-duty and light-duty towing that you should know. You must know about these differences so that when you are in a situation where you need towing services, you’ll know whether you should call for a light-duty or a heavy-duty towing to assist and help you get back on the road as soon as possible.

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