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Understanding the Different Types of Tow Trucks and Their Uses

If you are experiencing major road trouble and are in urgent need of roadside assistance, always keep your composure when calling a towing company. Do not forget to be polite and clear, especially when answering every question that truck drivers ask you. They will primarily ask you about the model of your vehicle, your name, number, and color of your vehicle. 

Do you remember what Elsie de Wolfe said? A business will preach to you the beauty of suitability. That is why it is important to be accurate about the model of your vehicle because this allows the towing company to send the appropriate and suitable towing truck to provide the service you need, especially when you have a large truck that needs a heavy-duty towing in Aurora, IL.

Here are the varieties of tow trucks and their uses to cater to your towing needs:


Flatbed Tow Trucks

Flatbed or rollback tow trucks are designed with a flat-topped empty bed to carry and transport vehicles. Tow truck drivers simply place the flatbed on the ground, where the vehicle is driven on top of it. However, if the car is not operable, then the powerful hydraulic system will lift and load it to the truck’s rear in a secured position. 

When there are vehicle accidents or breakdowns on the road, companies frequently choose flatbed tow trucks for any auto recovery services. This type of tow truck is capable of securing a vehicle from any condition during the transportation process.

Wheel Lift Tow Trucks

This type of tow truck is an updated version of the hook and chain truck. It is capable of recovering a car by lifting its front and leaving the rear wheels on the road. Some people use this when transporting inoperable vehicles to be repaired in auto shops. However, unlike the hook and chain version that uses chains, wheel lift tow trucks have a more secure way of towing vehicles. The truck’s metal yoke is used without causing any damage, such as scratches and possible dents. 

Hook and Chain Trucks

Hook and chain trucks, as outdated as they may seem, are still used by some companies nowadays. That is, tow junked vehicles to junkyards and other destinations. You can easily identify this type of truck because of the heavy-duty hook that is attached to its rear. And like wheel lift tow trucks, hook and chain trucks use their hook and chain on a vehicle’s front while the rear wheels are left. Some people do not recommend this because the dragging method frequently results in unwanted scratches and other damages.  

Heavy-duty Tow Trucks

If you are involved in a road accident, such as pulling or uprighting your large vehicle out of difficult situations, you will need heavy wrecker services. Heavy wreckers are designed for heavy-duty recovery operations or jobs. They are tow trucks with an additional cable and large boom that are perfect for recovering buses, semi-trucks, trailers, and commercial vehicles. 

Integrated Tow Trucks

Integrated tow trucks are one of the main kinds of heavy-duty tow trucks that are used in roadside assistance, specializing in the hauling or recovery of large and heavy-duty vehicles. Integrated tow trucks have an extra axle that makes them capable of withstanding great pressure. Their stable and strong build ensures more stability, which makes them the perfect towing truck.

Boom Trucks

Boom trucks are towing vehicles like a crane with a hydraulic arm. They are used for various purposes. Like the hook and chain, they lift a car by its front while the back wheels stay on the road. 

Oversized Towing Trucks

Like the integrated tow trucks, oversized towing trucks are also specialized in the recovery and transport of large and heavy-duty vehicles. However, as the name suggests, this type of towing truck is for large-scale operations. They are capable of transporting large boats, vehicles, and heavy construction equipment on the road. 


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