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Stuck in a Ditch? No Problem!

Date Posted: December 3, 2022

towing servicesA vehicle can end up in a ditch for different reasons—speeding, inattention, or a swerve that makes the driver lose control. It’s a common accident. When something unexpected like this happens to you and your ride is stuck on the side of the road, what do you do? First, keep in mind that there’s a towing service in Joliet IL and it can be at your service if ever you need assistance. On top of that are the following:

1. Stay in your ride,
2. Google your location or look for a landmark that can establish where you are.
3. Call 911 or a reliable tow service that can pull you out of your predicament using a winch.
4. Wait for help to arrive.

Winch Out Service

Winching is a professional roadside assistance that a car repair shop or towing service provides. With the use of a mechanized axle and strong cable called a winch, it pulls the reinforced wire attached to a vehicle to drag it from where it’s stuck. The only thing that this process has to guard against is creating a slack that allows the vehicle to slip back and shock load or jerk the cable at a force that’s beyond its capacity to withstand.

How Much Does It Cost?

Things that are factored into the estimate of what the charge for a winch out are: 1) the distance of the shop to the vehicle; 2) the distance of the vehicle from the road; 3) the extra work, aside from winching, that needs to be done like shoveling or clearing; 4) the vehicle will have to be towed to the shop for repair, and 5) the size of the vehicle.

Be prepared for those factors to be taken into consideration in the calculation of expenses. Basically, it will all depend on what kind of vehicle and the difficulty of its recovery. A tow truck in Bolingbrook IL can also be hired as part of the service. If it’s just a simple winch out, the charge is usually $150 to $200.

What Are The Benefits Of A Winch Out?

This axle-and-cable machine is the safest and fastest way to get a vehicle back on the road. It can pull the car, SUV, pick-up, or what-have-you out of deep mud, a flood, a ditch, or snow. Little to no harm can happen to your wheels if the winching is done properly. Instead of pulling the vehicle unevenly resulting in occasional jerks, the force of the haul is gradually increased and it’s allowed to adjust to the tug being done.

Let The Pros Take Care Of Business

The desired reputation for a company that offers this kind of service is one that’s manned by professionals and operates round-the-clock. There’s no telling when and where an accident may happen. It’s important to know that there’s a towing service in Joliet IL or anywhere in the state that’s available to someone in distress.

If it’s roadside assistance that you need for a variety of emergencies aside from being stuck in a ditch, Classic Towing is the name to have on your cellphone. You can reach us any time of the day if you’re faced with the following problems: locked out of the car, out of gas, a flat tire, dead battery, needing a tow, or an overturned car. Call us by dialing 630-392l-6844 or by filling out our Contact Us form.

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